Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club

DEFSC Volunteer Positions

DEFSC is a non-profit organization and each season we depend on you to volunteer to help keep our costs and yours at a minimum. Any spare time that members and parents are able to donate will help to ensure the continuing success and growth of our Club into the following years. 

Volunteer Requirements for all DEFSC Club Members:
Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club cannot operate without the support of Volunteers. Each member is required to volunteer for the club a minimum of 25 hours/season. New members will need to complete 20 hours/season. Penalty for not reaching required hours - For each hour a family is short on volunteering, they will be billed $25. ex. If you only put in 21 hours you will be billed for 4 hours= $100.

Please note a portion of your volunteer hours should be completed at both the Competition and the Annual Show. 

We have a number of working committees that have been developed to address either established needs or areas of focus for our club. Each of the committees has a variety of different volunteer opportunities for club members.  The established working committees and their areas of focus are as follows:

  1. Fundraising & Volunteers: Seek out profitable fundraising opportunities for Club members to participate.  Designate a contact person to track volunteer hours and for Club membership to report hours worked and direct questions as needed.
  2. Lakes Area Classic Competition:  Plan and coordinate all aspects of competition (e.g. registration, programs, ice schedules, trophies, novelty areas, etc.)
  3. Membership/Marketing:  Market Diamond Edge in area community education books, newsprint and other advertising vehicles.  Create registration forms and process of dissemination and collection of forms. Plan and prepare for It’s Great to Skate open house.
  4. Ice Scheduling/Class Scheduling/Ice Monitor:  Work closely with Board of Directors, Willmar Civic Center Staff and other designated committee contacts ( e.g. Show, Competition, Testing) to assure the most cost effective use of ice to be scheduled for classes, open/practice times, testing/evaluation, show, show practices, competition, etc. Schedule volunteers to ensure the ice is monitored at each Diamond Edge sponsored event (e.g. lessons, practice ice, special event, etc.).
  5. Testing & Evaluation:  Work closely with ice/instructor supervisor and instructors on testing and evaluation process to be carried out.  Keep detailed and accurate records of testing, evaluation and level/class lists. 
  6. Finance & Budget:  Work closely with Club Treasurer and Board of Directors on budget, investment and financial aspects of the Club.
  7. Annual Show:  Works with a variety of different components to ensure a successful and profitable show.  There are several working sub-committees underneath the show committee.
    If you are interested in learning more about any of the committees or are looking for volunteer opportunities, please email diamondedgefsc@outook.com.

For a complete list of DEFSC Committees, please review our Committee Structure.

A Volunteer Hours Record will be required for each of the hours you work.  The Volunteer Hours Record must also be signed by the activity/committee leader to verify your volunteer time.  If at the end of the skating year you have not contributed your minimum volunteer requirements you will be invoiced as such for the buy-out fee of your highest level skater. 

Several Key Volunteer positions have been filled for the 2018/2019 season.  If you are interested in any of the areas below, please feel free to contact the volunteers to see where you can assist.

  • Testing Coordinator:  John Behl will serve as our Testing Chair.  He will assure testing standards are upheld and results documented properly to assure club records are updated, class lists are accurate and class instructors are provided the skill notes on their skaters to better utilize class time and assistants.
  • Costume Closet Coordinator:  Megan Beaver will work diligently to organize and manage the Costume Closet for the club.  We do have some dresses that are available for rental for competitions.  The rental price and deposit are set by the DEFSC Board of Directors. 
  • Lakes Area Classic Co-Chairs:   Dawn Bergh and Michelle Behl will Co-Chair the 2019 Lakes Area Classic Competition that will be held on January 12, 2019.  The competition volunteer sign-up sheet will be available in December.
  • Show Committee:  Dawn Bergh & Megn Beaver will serve as Show Co - Chairs for the 2019 Show.  If you are interested in helping, please contact Dawn or Megan.  The committee is open to Adults and Senior/Junior skaters.  The show volunteer sign-up sheet will be available in December.