Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club


Our fundraising programs help us to raise money that is used to offset club expenses and keep each individual skater’s cost down. 

We are asking each club member to participate in our fundraising program by selling $125 in actual sales for first skater, and $200 in sales for families with multiple skaters, through a variety of different fundraising options. If you choose to buy-out, the fee is $50.00 for one skater and an additional $25.00 for a second skater in the family. If you have more than two skaters, there is no additional fee. At the time of registration each family will need to prepay their fundraising commitment. If your family sells $125.00 in sales / $200 in sales multiple skaters, your fundraising commitment fee that you prepaid will be credited to your skater’s account.

This year, there will be two fundraising opportunities that will count towards your skater’s fundraising commitment. 

  1. World’s Finest Candy Bars
  2. My Steeped Tea

Forms for the My Steeped Tea are available. You will be able to sell through November 26. Completed forms and money are due on Sunday, November 26.  To ensure the product is available before Christmas, no late orders will be accepted.

On November 5 and November 12, we will be taking pre-orders for the World’s Finest Candy Bars.   We will be asking each family to commit to the number of boxes of candy bars they would like ordered for them to try to sell. The chocolate will be available for distribution on Sunday, December 3. You can pre-pay for the chocolates when you pick them up. You will then keep the money you collect as you sell the candy bars.  If you do not pre-pay, you will need to collect the money and write one check by Sunday, December 17.  You are responsible for paying for all the candy bars you take.  There are no returns on partial boxes. 

We are also looking into bringing back the Kandiyohi Candle Company candle sales.  If we are able to add this fundraiser, it will also count towards your fundraising committment.

We are very excited to be participating in the Schwan's Care Fundraiser again this year!  Our campaign starts on November 4, 2018. The club will get 20% from all product sold and 40% of e-certificates. Our campaign will continue until December 19, 2018.  Sales for this club fundraiser will not count towards your fundraising goal of $125 or $200, but we are pleased to let you know a portion of the sales will go directly into your skaters DEFSC accounts.  40% of the profits from your individual campaign for the club, will be credited to your account.  In order to receive the individual credit, you must set-up a fundraising page for your skater.  This credit will be applied for sales between November 4-December 19, 2018 only.  We think this will be a great fundraiser for both the club and each individual participant. 

Additional general club fundraising opportunities will be offered throughout the season.  We encourage your participation and promotion of these fundraisers.  Money raised from these general club fundraising opportunities will go towards club programming to keep registration fees down.