Diamond Edge Figure Skating Club

Testing Information

Evaluting our skaters is an important part of the Learn to Skate USA program.  It is tempting for the eager skater to want to advance quickly through learning the basics, and it's a temptation that's worth resisting. If you want to progress, it is time well invested to learn the basics thoroughly, even if the moves are a little uncomfortable for you. Like a pyramid, everything else you do as a skater will be built on these first skills.  

Evaluation feedback forms will be provided to each skater at the conclusion of testing.  Evaluations can be an anxious time, please assure your skater it takes time and practice to be an accomplished skater, it is very important to master every skill at each level as each one is a building block preparing them for more challenging moves.  Our Evaluation Coordinator is John Behl.  John has prepared some informatoin regarding our evaluations process for you to review.  Review additional infomation here.

We will test all skaters at the end of each session to evaluate their skills.  Skaters may also be tested when their Coach feels they have MASTERED the skating skills of their current level. 

We look forward to more progress and fun this season!